Сиенит история
The company activity of Sienit Group began in 1994 with the establishment of the first of the companies – Sienit Ltd.. At first the company mainly developed residential projects in accordance with the demand of the market for construction services those days. The turning point in the development is the emergence of the first foreign investment „on green“of Ferrero Germany, Miroglio Italy, Liebherr Germany and Socotab Switzerland. Through the implementation of the projects of these and other investors in the period 1996-2003 Sienit accumulated significant experience in the industrial construction.

With the expansion of the activity and the differentiation of the construction services into separate companies the group of Sienit Holding was formed, which aims to integrate and optimize the complex processes of implementation of investment projects.

After a profound analysis of the difficulties for the investors of industrial projects „on green“ the development of industrial zones starts up aiming at accelerating the process of realization of investment projects. Sienit Holding created the first industrial zones in Bulgaria –"Maritza" Industrial & Commercial Zone and "Rakovski" Industrial Zone, in which for a period of seven years have been made investment of nearly € 1 billion.

With the development and expansion of the activity the companies of the group participate in the construction of landmark projects of Plovdiv, important infrastructure and environmental projects throughout the country, as well as in different lots of the Metropolitan Sofia. In 2012 Sienit Holding built the largest solar park in Bulgaria.
The year 2013 marks the beginning of biggest project of Sienit Holding in collaboration with partners and local government – Trakia Economic Zone. The aim of this project is to unite all the industrial areas around Plovdiv in order to be achieved optimization of services provided to local and foreign investors. Trakia Economic Zone will have over 7 million square meters land to implement the investors` interests.

In its twenty years of history Sienit Holding has built over 140 projects – industrial, residential, commercial and administrative with total area over 1.7 00 000 million square meters and more than 80 infrastructure assignments. The group continues to prove itself in the construction and investment process where the primary goal is improving the quality of the services and projects in accordance with the latest global technologies, innovations and quality criteria.