Sienit Ltd.

Сиенит ООД
The activity of SIENIT LTD. covers complex engineering in the construction process, general contractor in projects for the construction of industrial, residential and public buildings and complexes, infrastructural, environmental, energy and agricultural, low buildings, roads and landscaping. SIENIT LTD. has the effective structure and a team of highly qualified specialists who provide high quality at competitive prices.

The company is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders \CPRB\ as builder of sites from first to fifth category and it is also a member of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.

The company has implemented the standards for management systems BS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

Declaration of Policy on the provision of Health and Safety Working Conditions

For The Management of „SIENIT" Ltd. the Policy of provision of OHS is an integral part of the overall policy and strategy of the company.

The OHS Policy will be deemed equivalent of the productivity, efficiency, improvement of the management quality and the quality of the final products, the issues of environmental protection and other policies developed by the company.

The basic approach to policy implementation is through risk prevention, applied to all jobs in „SIENIT" Ltd. which is accompanied by the appropriate control aiming at eliminating dangerous behavior that causes accidents. The compliance with legal and other requirement will follow the preliminary made assessment for compliance with legal and other requirements.

The Management of „SIENIT" Ltd. undertakes the responsibility to identify the significant hazards, asses and manage risks so as to prevent potential accidents and undertakes to apply the best practices for health and safety at every workplace. Along with that it guarantees to provide adequate training of the personnel at all stages, so that it is competent and fulfill the responsibilities taken in compliance with the respective job.

All managers and employees of „SIENIT" Ltd. are responsible for observing the prescribed rules for health and safety, in order to be achieved effective implementation of the health and safety policy. It is necessary that everyone be supportive with the responsibility of the Management. Responsibility for publicity of the policy bear all heads of structural units of „SIENIT" Ltd..

The ultimate aim of the OHS policy of „SIENIT" Ltd. is to be achieved the number of ZERO ACCIDENTS in the workplace. With the convenience that people are the key element when it comes to personal health and safety, it is required from all the employees, at any hierarchical level, to have the appropriate behavior to avoid accidents both with themselves and their colleagues.

he Management of „SIENIT" Ltd. assumes the responsibility for readiness to respond to any emergency that could happen at any site and with people working under the control of the organization.

The Management of „SIENIT" Ltd. assumes the responsibility to inform its employees, other interested parties and the respective public authorities about the results achieved by the implementation of this policy.


The Management of „Sienit” LTD announces the concept herewith outlined that it is able and willing to maintain an effective system of quality management in accordance with the Manuals for the Provisions Management set out in БДС EN ISO 9001:2008.

With this policy we formulate the strategic objectives for quality management, namely:
  • Identifying, understanding and following the requirements and the expectations of our clients, so as to achieve high satisfaction on their part as well as on the part of all interested parties;
  • Constantly to improve the system of quality management;
  • Compliance with all state and European regulatory requirements set out in the sphere of construction and investment design.

  • By this declaration we encourage and welcome everyone in the implementation of the quality policy as an instrument for planning, implementation and documentation of all activities with impact on the quality of the end product, as defined in the contract provisions and the applicable regulations.

it is our commitment and obligation the requirements set out in the system of quality management to be announced, adopted and led to realization at all organizational levels of management with the joint efforts of all the associates who contribute to the constant improvement of the system. Our team goal is to perform the work on each step – since making of the offer to the contract fulfillment within the planned schedule by sticking to a safe, effective, and environmentally secured and economically sound practice, implemented in full compliance with requirements. In order to keep us flexible and competitive, as well as to assert our reputation of good entrepreneurs, we, the Management of „Sienit” LTD, bound ourselves by the present declaration on quality and engage to grant the implementation of this policy.


The senior management of „Sienit” Ltd. is fully aware of its responsibility to maintain the Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the requirements of БДС EN ISO 14001 and to implement programs for constant improvement of the company attitude towards environment. The System is based on the following fundamental principles:
  • Protection of the environment is an obligation of the whole stuff of „Sienit” Ltd.;
  • Setting forth of the positions, responsibilities and powers of the employees;
  • Constant improvement of knowledge, qualification and environmental awareness;
  • Compliance with the regulatory requirements on environmental protection, commitment to quality working environment;
  • Planning and reporting activities with regard to environmental protection;
  • Maintaining active information policy;
  • Constant process control ensuring timely preventive measures and corrective actions;
  • Periodical reviews of the EMS by the senior management, based on systematic internal and external audits.

By the application of these principles and through the implementation of programs for waste management significant environmental aspects the management of „Sienit” Ltd sets ahead the following objectives:
  • Prevention of the pollution and waste minimization;
  • Monitoring and documentation of the results from the activities with significant environmental impact;
  • Prevention of ecological risks;
  • Constant readiness and ability to respond to emergencies in order to protect employees and the public;
  • Staff qualification and optimal use of the resources available;
  • Optimization of the resources